INNER VISIONS – AGAPE International Spiritual Center publication

Kim Stanwood Terranova, ALSP

Is Your Power Living in a Willing Heart?


The power of the Universe, the universal Presence, resides within us.  It behooves us to gain a deep understanding and embodiment of how to live in the present moment so that we are in constant divine flow of the almighty power of Spirit.  Within each moment, as we are present to each moment, we have an ability to consciously choose, instead of choosing by default.  Now, just consider this, the word “present,” really stands for . . . . .

P  Powerfully

R  Responding

E  Every

S  Second

E  Evoking

N  Never-ending

T  Transformation!

YES!  When we choose to live fully present, we are “powerfully responding every second evoking never-ending transformation!”  How magnificent it is to be reminded that we have the power to be present and evoke never-ending transformation!  It is always our choice.

To respond powerfully in the moment means we are on the edge of our transformation.  We are welcoming it, as we stay strong in intention to respond to the call of Spirit with every breath we take!  This practice assists us in releasing reactionary patterns and teaches us to stand tall in what we know.  We must be willing to live all that we have learned.  We came here to live spiritual principle, not just know it, but embody it.  When one can powerfully respond they are living boldly in the sweet surrender of Spirit’s inspiration!

The present moment is the gift, the present moment is where the unlimited power of the Universe supplies us with grace and wisdom to walk through all that is before us with strength. So right now, take a breath, choose to be in this present moment and prepare for your transformation. 

“When choosing your transportation to transformation, your choices will determine the progress you make.”

Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Spiritual Liberation

I joyfully stand in the present moment and welcome my transformation to embody all that I know.