Group Counseling

Group Counseling

The power of evolutionary shifts when we grow and heal together as a group is profound and transformational. Kim’s ability to hold the energy of small and massively large groups, is miraculous. She is able to see each individual and hold space for each individual to grow in the presence of others. Kim assists corporate Read More »

Family & Youth

A group of youths

Offering guidance and practical tools to help families improve their mental and emotional well-being, Kim concentrates on enriching family dynamics through a focus on personal wellness for individuals as well as their families. Through special youth-focused retreats and individualized counseling, Kim's intention is to help children discover their own magnificence and access their personal pwer Read More »


Kim Stanwood Terranova looking into the eyes of her client

Kim has worked with thousands of individuals, as she masterfully creates a safe and compassionate space for deep healing to take place. Her guided wisdom assists her clients to see themselves correctly and empowers them as they unlock their true potential. Through her spiritual approach, Kim takes a stand for each of her clients to Read More »