All We Need Is Love

“All we need is love.” Beautiful words to live by and beautiful possibilities exist for an evolving soul when all actions taken are based in love. Imagine that, basing our actions on what is the most loving thing to do in each moment. The most loving thing for others and the most loving thing for oneself… basing all actions on this principle can be life changing. Ah, it would be indeed quite magnificent.

So, let us consider this – love is our greatest gift and we have the opportunity to give it in abundance. Each day, every moment, we have the opportunity to open our hearts and love more fully. It is not something we have to buy, search for, or uncover; it simply lives right inside of us. We do not have to go anywhere to find it, or search the Internet for it to be revealed to us. Each and every one of us carries within our DNA, the love code. We are encoded to love. To give love and receive love, that is why we are here. As we stay open to creating all pathways for giving and receiving more love, our lives will change and our world will shift. So, ask yourself today, are you ready to live your life fully in love?

To do this we must allow ourselves to give without expectation, and then be willing to receive love when it is given to us. We all desire to receive love, unconditional, accepting love, but sometimes we do not let it in. For many people, it may be difficult to accept a deep level of love and appreciation. In order to accept love we must be willing to heal the places in our heart where we are blocking it and begin to build a space of receptivity to allow more love in. Every time we stay open when we want to shut our heart, every time we consciously forgive others and ourselves, we open the door wider to receive. Let us be willing to expand our ability to be expansive receivers. I invite you to be available and receptive as a gracious receiver of all that you are being blessed with. Open your heart, take a breath, and say thank you. Know you are loved!

This day, this month, stretch in your willingness to give and receive. Allow your heart to stay open and see what is possible for you as you allow your love code to lead your actions. You will feel the blessings that come in abundance and as you do, keep your heart open to receive them. The balance of giving and receiving is what the quote, “All you need is love,” is all about!

Article originally appeared in GED Magazine.