Change is in the Air

Change is in the Air

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.


Ah, the winds of change are present. It has been said that change is good, and this is indeed true. Change is the constant in our lives and the more willing we are to embrace it, to accept it, the more we are able to embody the joys of life with profound flexibility.

Life continues and we evolve. Thank goodness we evolve. We will not be the same person next year that we are right now, and nor should we want to be. Change happens to us, through us, as us, it just is. The great news is that we have a choice of how we move through change. When we remember that we can choose to embody our spiritual practice through each and every turn in life, we know we have all we need to gracefully move forward. Our practice gives us the strength, and our practice gives us the courage to walk the journey with and ease and knowing.

Our practice looks like many things, but here are a few reminders to assist us in this changing world! Gratitude, gratitude grounds us! The more we choose to stay in gratitude for each and every moment, the more we stay connected to source. Staying in the present moment. The more we practice living in the present moment, staying available to the greatness in each precious moment, the more we will flow with unlimited joy. Then of course, we must be willing to let go. It is necessary to be in a constant state of surrender and let go of the past patterns that no longer serve us. AS we grow, we learn to trust Spirit and let go!

We are here to grow, and to evolve, and this only happens as we allow ourselves to change. Change is a good thing.