Change is in the air, can you feel it? Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, everywhere you turn, change is staring you in the face! We cannot run from it even if we try, it creeps up on us with a presence that can seem foreboding at times. Often it is followed by the ever too often face of fear, yet it does not need to. Change is not something we need to fear. Take a breath, and consider this . . . .

Change is inevitable, and as it should be, otherwise stagnation would take place. We can shift that looming feeling of fear into a powerful place of willingness if we choose. Lets think about this, what benefit is there to remain the same and why would we want life to remain the same? There is no growth in things staying the same, there is no expansion if things stay the same. Change creates the opportunity for us to grow past the present situation we may be living in, and sometimes that is temporarily uncomfortable. None the less, the opportunity is always presenting itself and we can choose to fight it or flow with it! “Every change is a challenge to become who we really are.”
This quote by Marianne Williamson says it so well. The challenge to become who we really are presents itself to us each moment. We can rise up to the call to be more ourselves, or we can shrink back into the same old patterns that have been operating in our lives. The choice is ours.

It is possible to be willing to look at the changes in our lives and welcome the newness. Let us consider that we can either react to it with fear, or we can grow from it and expand the present paradigm we have been living in. Life is an evolving journey and we are evolving beings. To evolve we must grow and expand in all that we know and in the choices we make. To grow we must have a willingness to change even if it feels scary. Even if fear is knocking on our door, we must always remember that our inner strength can meet it face to face. We have the tools to move through change with grace
and wisdom.

I inspire you to observe the ever increasing changes that are occurring in our world, and the ever increasing changes that are coming up for you in your personal life, and courageously welcome them. Know you have the power and wisdom within you to embrace the newness and make choices of what you wish to experience and create in the PRESENT MOMENT. Our power resides in the present moment so let us rise up in it and choose wisely.

What are you choosing today in the midst of change? Fear or love? Anger or compassion? Separation or connection? The power of choice is sitting in the palm of your hand, in your awakened consciousness. Take a breath, listen to your heart and choose again. Your response is of utmost importance, your future depends upon it. Choose you, choose love, choose to shine brightly this day and everyday!