My Intention Is To Catch The Blessings That Come My Way

Blessing: A Beneficial Thing For Which One Is Grateful.

Blessings are everywhere. Beneficial happenings are occurring all the time when we are present and open to what is possible in life. The happenings do not have to be huge to be a blessing; we just must be open to witness all the gifts that are sitting right in our midst.

I recently had the blessing of enjoying a walk through the gorgeous mountains with someone dear to me. Walking in itself holds such healing properties, and with someone you love, it is an extra blessing. As I walk through the mountains regularly, the excitement and appreciation of the opportunity to connect with nature never seems to leave me. The mountains themselves are majestic and rich in gifts for each of us. That specific day we were both open to see what blessings existed upon the path as we embarked upon our journey. With the mist being exceptionally heavy and thick upon the trail, the use of clear seeing had definitely been altered.

Very shortly into our adventure, I sensed a new sound that I had not heard on this path before. We stopped to be still for a moment and take in what was happening. (Key point here, we stopped and were still for a moment.) We rested under the umbrella of a very large oak tree and just listened. The tree seemed to be expressing something. The sound was gentle yet very direct. It became clear that when the misty dewdrops would attempt to land on a branch or a leaf, they would instead slide right over and gently land on some parched dry leaves below. The sound was incredible, as if a melodic orchestra existed in the midst of the mountain range. It was music to our hearts and an unexpected gift to be enjoyed. We both treasured the moment, as it caressed our ears and softened our souls with the beauty that drenched our eyes. Gratitude was overflowing.

Each and every one of us is walking a path that is overflowing with gifts and unlimited blessings. The earth is always abundantly showering us with unexpected treasures. It is our choice whether we become still enough to receive them. It only takes a moment to stop and be still to listen and view life expansively. Today, set the intention to catch the blessings that are coming your way. Be open and receptive to be a gracious receiver of all that you are being blessed with. Live in the gratitude for these wonderful moments, and watch them multiply. May your heart expand as you accept the goodness that is being showered upon your soul. Walk on this adventure of life, open and receptive to catch the blessings that are everywhere present. Let us live for those beneficial moments where we are eternally grateful!

Article originally appeared in GED Magazine.