My Intention Is To Stand In Strength As I Create All That I Desire With Clarity And Purpose

Conscious: Aware of, and responding to one’s surroundings, awake.

Staying conscious is the most important job we have right now. This does not mean just standing still breathing, but instead, staying awake and aware of where we are engaging in the creation of our life. We are responsible for our life experience and the moment-by-moment choices we make define what those experiences shall be. The world is changing rapidly and each one of us has a choice in how we are going to participate in these changes. Are we going to sleep through them pretending to be unaware and not take responsibility, or are we going to stay alert, conscious and respond to what is before us? In order to create, we must keep responding to our life circumstances and choose to stay conscious in the decisions we make. Or, the other option is to ignore what is before us and wonder why our lives do not look like we wish them to be.

It is true that we create our own destiny in life. So, what do you wish to create in 2016? What do you wish to create every day of every year? Each choice we make plays out in our creation. The law of cause and effect does not take a day off. Today, in this New Year, ask yourself, what are you creating? Are your thoughts filled with abundance, forgiveness, joy and success? Or are you creating more of something you no longer desire? If your thoughts are only on the past and where mistakes were made, then you are opening the door to create more of just that! It is imperative to stay awake, stand in strength, and consciously choose! Choose success, choose joy, choose health and wholeness and choose abundance! No matter what may appear before you, or whatyou may have created in past years, you can begin again today and boldly choose what you desire to experience. It is time to activate your power of choice! The pathway to staying conscious is by the use of daily intentions. Setting an intention to stay alert and present, and willing to activate the power of choice! Today and always may your intention be to stay conscious in your moment-by-moment living. Stop for a moment, take a conscious breath, and state your desire in a powerful way. Then, breathe again and move your feet guided by inspiration and inner knowing. Allow your inspired vision to pull you onward in a very conscious manner. Your destiny is at hand. Stay awake and choose again!



My intention is to stand in strength, as I create all that I desire with clarity and power.

Article originally appeared in GED Magazine.