Kim's latest book & new app

Kim Stanwood Terranova signing her book, The Technology of Intention

The Technology of Intention:

Activating the power of the universe within you

Kim Stanwood Terranova, the 3X Best-selling author of The Technology of Intention, opens the door for you to live a life that you once only dreamed of! The power to create your life begins with INTENTION!  Kim will guide you with her proven step by step process to experience infinite possibilities in creating all you desire. Order your copy now in paperback or enjoy the audible read by Kim herself! She will give you the key to embody the power that resides at your very fingertips!


You practice your practice, until your life is your practice!

The Technology of Intention app has been created to offer you the secret code of how to create daily, yearly, and in-the-moment intentions, as well as guide you upon the path to becoming a master of manifestation.

Technology of Intention app
will be released soon in 2024!